Oct 26

Apprenticeships in London

Getting an apprenticeship in the United Kingdom is not necessarily easy seeing that very often a large number of fresh graduates may be lining up for one open position, especially at some of the more popular companies in the nation.

Apprenticeships-LondonIt is for that reason that it can make sense to find and to reserve an apprenticeship as soon as possible, especially in the metropolitan areas in the UK such as in London, Birmingham or Manchester.

In the past, finding such an apprenticeship was quite a challenging endeavor.

Most of the time, graduates had to call or visit in person those firms they were interested in. More often than not, this required to spend considerable time and often it was only a matter of luck to find an open apprenticeship with a company.

Today, this is much easier to do since graduates can take advantage of the internet. They can make use of search engines and email to quickly get in contact with a company and this can be done effortlessly and in very little time.

Recently, services have surfaced that offer an even easier search for open apprenticeships in the United Kingdom. All the graduate needs to do is to enter their desired career field and location and a list of companies with open apprenticeships will be displayed.

For those who want to find apprenticeships in the UK this is without a doubt the fastest and easiest way to go about it. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and get the apprenticeship you want in no time.

May 26

Freight Forwarding Software And Its Benefits For Small Businesses

Hardly any industry today faces so many challenges as the international shipping business. Unlike other businesses there are a variety of obstacles which can include language barriers, the constantly fluctuating costs and last but not least the many different applicable laws and regulations.

As if those obstacles would not be challenging enough, the effective management of paperwork in the international shipping business is in particular crucial. The business owner and the employees will have to deal with a plethora of forms and documents, such as invoices, order documents, shipping documentation and customs documents.

Internationally-shippingWith export management software, the management tasks for this particular business can be made a lot easier.

For instance, freight forwarding software will allow to have an overview over all the documents in one place. This way, mistakes on forms or missing papers can easily be spotted.

Most vendors for this type of software today may offer shipping software and freight forwarding software separately while some of the available packages today combine both of this functionality.

It will depend on the particular needs and requirements of the shipping business what type of software with what specific functionally would be recommended.

In such cases where the business owner is uncertain in regards to what shipping software to get, most vendors will be happy to advise the small business in regards to the best purchase decision. Ultimately, freight forwarding software and shipping software will always pay for itself since substantial costs can be saved by using it.

May 26

International Trade Survey Reveals UK Exporters ‘Want To Stay in EU

More exporters today show their support for a membership of the UK of the European Union. However only a small percentage of exporters have availed of the government’s flagship support programme, UK Export Finance.

Since the European Union makes the majority of all UK exports (60%), leaving the programme would have a significant impact.

This is the result of a study recently been released by Britain’s International Trade Survey. The report likewise finds that only 12.5% of those surveyed are planning to enter new markets this year. This adds to suggestions that the government’s target of doubling exports within the next several years may be rather questionable.

Via: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/international-trade-survey-reveals-uk-exporters-want-stay-eu-1449224

May 25

UK schools ‘failing to encourage natural engineering talent’ | News | The Engineer

A new study reveals that the school system in the UK is failing to build on the natural engineering talent of young children.

According to the report which was conducted by the Royal Academy of Engineering, primary schools in the nation do not encourage an engineering mindset and secondary school teaching of engineering is highly variable.

The study highlights six ‘engineering habits of mind’ that children commonly possess – systems thinking, adapting, problem finding, creative problem solving, visualising and improving.

It concludes that the UK needs to redesign its education system in an effort to produce more future engineers.

via UK schools ‘failing to encourage natural engineering talent’ | News | The Engineer.

May 23

Horse Racing Tips Or Snake Oil?

Not always can you rely on what you read when you come across a website or magazine promising you working tips for horse racing and along with them a lot of money that you would supposedly win at the races.

As is so often the case, those betting systems often turn out nothing but snake oil with no real foundation to stand on.

If it were the case that many so called “surefire horse racing systems” would be out there, rest assured the majority of race tracks in the UK and elsewhere would already have shut down many years ago.

Those who want to make horse racing into a serious business definitely have to look deeper if you want to get racing tips that are actually worth their money.

Horse-Racing-LargeI came across one interesting website which is owned by a guy who calls himself the UK’s “Horse Racing Pro”.

Among the many snake-oil systems I came across, this website to me looked rather different and I had the impression that the guy who owns it really knows what he’s talking about.

According to his bio, Bob Rothman, the owner of the site has 20 years of experience in UK horse racing. This is how he developed his own system which turned out to be extremely effective. His luck however didn’t last too long since he started to get banned by most book keepers because of his constant winnings.

What he does now is that he provides his very good very good horse racing tips via his website by ways of subscription for a low fee. For horse racing enthusiasts in the UK this means that they now can take advantage of professional tips and advice without having to spend an unreasonable amount of time and effort to study horses and jockeys.

I can definitely recommend the Horse Racing Pro site if you’re into horse racing as much as I am! I dont think you can get more solid betting tips that do work today.


May 23

Oculus Rift maker sued over virtual reality technology | Technology | theguardian.com

Oculus Rift is being sued by ZeniMax Media. Zenimax claims that its intellectual property, as well as the expertise of their employees was used to develop the Oculus Rift headset.

The company filed a lawsuit on Wednesday that asserts that Oculus founder Palmer Luckey was just a “college-age video-game enthusiast” working on a “primitive virtual reality headset” when he sought the help of ZeniMax employee John Carmack

John Carmack is considered to be one of the greatest programmers in the industry. Carmack was still working for ZeniMax  when he, according to the lawsuit, started to provide technical assistance to Oculus Rift for developing their Virtual reality headset.. The lawsuit also alleges that ZeniMax employees “literally transformed the Rift by adding physical hardware components and developing specialised software for its operation.”

What this lawsuit  now means for the upcoming consumer version of the Rift and whether it may delay its release remains to be seen.

Found at Oculus Rift maker sued over virtual reality technology | Technology | theguardian.com.