Oct 13

Private Schools Calling on Theresa May to Drop Plans to Link Charitable Status to Academy Sponsorship


Private and independent schools in the United Kingdom say that they should not be forced to partner with public schools with what they see as “a gun to their heads”. They are now calling on  the British PM Theresa May that she drop the plans to link their charitable status to academy sponsorships,

The chairman of the Headmasters and Headmistresses Conference, Mike Buchanan, plans to tell the group’s annual meeting this week that the government’s threats to revoke independent schools charitable status would be counter-productive.

Mike Buchanan, the chair of the Headmasters and Headmistresses Conference (HMC), which represents most of Britain’s leading public schools, will tell the group’s annual meeting on Monday that the government’s threats to revoke their charitable status would be counter-productive.

“Independent and state schools cannot make our relationships work with a gun pointing at our heads,” Mr Buchanan was quoted as saying.

He added that they hope that Mrs. May may understand that.

The British PM recently launched U.K.’s latest education reforms which includes a lift of the bar on new grammar schools. However, these plans also include making the charitable status of private schools in UK reliant on sponsoring public schools and incorporate also the stripping of tax breaks for those independently operating schools that failto do so

Back in September, the PM said that independent schools needed to do more so that “children from a wider variety of backgrounds can truly benefit from excellent education can deliver”

An argument that speaks against this is that privately owned schools in UK already partnering with more than 10,000 state schools

The above news from the U.K.’s education sector are brought to you by Kingshottschool, the renowned independent school near Bedfordshire.

Oct 12

Simple But Effective Moving Tips

moving-houseMoving can be stressful but it can also be a lot of fun and excitement. The key here is to take your time and to plan a move wisely.

Here are some very simple moving tips that can turn a planned move into a smooth experience without the hassles:

* Choose your movers wisely and do this plenty ahead of time! Start looking for a reliable moving firm at least 6 weeks in advance.

Take your time with this and don’t hesitate to compare a bunch of movers side by side.

Ask them what they offer and what’s included with the price. Write all this information down to make it easier for you to find a suitable moving company.

* Good communication with your movers should be key. Don’t forget it’s your valuables! Always let the movers know ahead what’s coming toward them. If you have big, bulky furniture or things such as an expensive big screen TV let them know. This can help avoiding problems and delays since the movers can prepare so they’ll arrive at your home the right packing materials for your stuff.

* ALWAYS, ALWAYS make a list of all your belongings and where you pack them! If you do the packing yourself, make note of what items are in what particular box. Number your boxes! Very important: Have the movers sign on how many boxes they pick up. When you receive the boxes in your new home, count them because this time it will be you who will have to sign that you received everything! If you don’t document the number of boxes and that the movers did indeed pick them up you will have a very hard time in case something is lost or stolen. Many movers will reject your claim if you cannot prove that the missing goods were indeed in their hands!

* The same as above goes for the state of your items when it comes to damages that might arise during the move. The best tip here is to document the shape and state of your belongings using photos so you can prove that the damage happened during the move.

* If you need to move with very expensive or sensitive equipment such as computers or jewelry, consider whether you want to move them yourself in your own car. If you’re able to keep an eye on your invaluable goods it is still the best option as opposed to entrusting them to even the best movers.

Mar 21

On Electronic Invoicing

For a typical businesses, it is those things that help save time and money that can make the difference between whether the business is run efficiently or not. Among those things that can be a tremendous help with your business operations is electronic invoicing.

e-invoice-benefitsElectronic invoicing has the advantage that it does away with many of the disadvantages of the traditional invoicing process such as lengthy delays involved, the requirement for additional staff, the need to operate a mailroom, poor manageability and many more.

Essentially, E Invoice can be as easy and straightforward as is using email. The process is essentially the same up to where you create your invoices as a PDF file.

Previously you would have mailed your paper invoice to your recipient, either separately or you would add the paper invoice to your shipment of goods.

With E Invoice you send your PDF invoice to a electronic invoice service provider which will convert it into a digital format. The service will then dispatch the digital invoice to your supplier. The entire process from the creation of your invoices until your supplier receive the invoice only takes minutes. Even better, the recipient of your invoice can automatically process them upon receipt.

Aside from the significantly reduced times it will take to process invoices,e invoice has additional benefits such as better manageability,  more mobility and the fact that they are less prone to errors.

There is no need to sort through and transfer paper invoice data into a computer system. With electronic invoicing, all your invoices are kept and easily accessible from one central location.

Electronic invoicing will provide you more mobility since you are able to do your invoices on the go. With modern apps you are able to create your invoices directly from your mobile device. Professionals such as contractors can now invoicing within minutes, between customers.

The low cost and easy less of electronic invoicing make E invoice attractive for almost any type of business.

Mar 21

What Is Talent Management?

If you happen to be a business owner, chances are you may already have heard of the term talent management.

Basically, talent management deals with the management and organization of everything that has to do with your staff. Talent management starts out with improving your recruiting process which means that it will be easier for you to find the most suitable talent right away.

talent-management-6But an improved recruiting process is not everything that talent management can do for you today.

Obviously, once you managed to find and to hire the best people for your company you also want to keep them on with your company.

Not only that, you want to place them optimally within your company according to their individual preferences and skills. Talent management can also help with this task.

In addition to recruiting and placement of your staff, a talent management strategy will normally also comprise of improved absence management. This is one aspect were many companies today often may crucial mistakes.

In such cases where absences are not managed properly it can well come about that the absence of key personnel due to vacations and sick leave lead to serious problems such as lower production output or other issues. With talent management that incorporates a sensible absence management strategy, such problems can be avoided before they come about.

Whether you happen to be a small business owner or the head of a large corporate, with a modern talent management strategy you will see a variety of benefits for your company.

Jul 02

The UK’s Best Singing Waiters

The UK’s best Singing Waiters are The Secret Singers! If you have seen the singing waiters already then you will know why. But if you haven’t, let me explain!

If you book the Singing Waiters from the Secret Singers, you won’t just get some average club singers as you would likely end up with any other singing waiters out there. This doesn’t mean that club singers are necessarily bad, but in my opinion this is always a hit and miss with those companies how good they are. Some can be pretty good but there are also some really awful performers out there.

singing-waiters-super-heros-2With the singing waiters from the secret singers you won’t have this problem because they’re all West End Theatre trained! In other words, they are professionals. This makes the singing waiters great for all types of events, even high-class corporate events or weddings where you really want to make an impression with your guests!

But the singing waiters cannot only do their highly popular classic singing waiters performance. They can also come to your event dressed up as security guards, chefs, construction workers and much more.

They are surprised show lasts about 30 minutes but you can also book them for the entire day if you want. They can do live shows and can do anything else you have in mind for your party’s or events musical entertainment.

With the singing waiters you won’t have to worry about any equipment because they will bring everything with them. They can come to any place in the United Kingdom and even had some performances in Asia. So you don’t necessarily have to live in London if you want to book the Singing Waiters!

May 23

Horse Racing Tips Or Snake Oil?

Not always can you rely on what you read when you come across a website or magazine promising you working tips for horse racing and along with them a lot of money that you would supposedly win at the races.

As is so often the case, those betting systems often turn out nothing but snake oil with no real foundation to stand on.

If it were the case that many so called “surefire horse racing systems” would be out there, rest assured the majority of race tracks in the UK and elsewhere would already have shut down many years ago.

Those who want to make horse racing into a serious business definitely have to look deeper if you want to get racing tips that are actually worth their money.

Horse-Racing-LargeI came across one interesting website which is owned by a guy who calls himself the UK’s “Horse Racing Pro”.

Among the many snake-oil systems I came across, this website to me looked rather different and I had the impression that the guy who owns it really knows what he’s talking about.

According to his bio, Bob Rothman, the owner of the site has 20 years of experience in UK horse racing. This is how he developed his own system which turned out to be extremely effective. His luck however didn’t last too long since he started to get banned by most book keepers because of his constant winnings.

What he does now is that he provides his very good very good horse racing tips via his website by ways of subscription for a low fee. For horse racing enthusiasts in the UK this means that they now can take advantage of professional tips and advice without having to spend an unreasonable amount of time and effort to study horses and jockeys.

I can definitely recommend the Horse Racing Pro site if you’re into horse racing as much as I am! I dont think you can get more solid betting tips that do work today.


May 23

Oculus Rift maker sued over virtual reality technology | Technology | theguardian.com

Oculus Rift is being sued by ZeniMax Media. Zenimax claims that its intellectual property, as well as the expertise of their employees was used to develop the Oculus Rift headset.

The company filed a lawsuit on Wednesday that asserts that Oculus founder Palmer Luckey was just a “college-age video-game enthusiast” working on a “primitive virtual reality headset” when he sought the help of ZeniMax employee John Carmack

John Carmack is considered to be one of the greatest programmers in the industry. Carmack was still working for ZeniMax  when he, according to the lawsuit, started to provide technical assistance to Oculus Rift for developing their Virtual reality headset.. The lawsuit also alleges that ZeniMax employees “literally transformed the Rift by adding physical hardware components and developing specialised software for its operation.”

What this lawsuit  now means for the upcoming consumer version of the Rift and whether it may delay its release remains to be seen.

Found at Oculus Rift maker sued over virtual reality technology | Technology | theguardian.com.