May 23

Horse Racing Tips Or Snake Oil?

Not always can you rely on what you read when you come across a website or magazine promising you working tips for horse racing and along with them a lot of money that you would supposedly win at the races.

As is so often the case, those betting systems often turn out nothing but snake oil with no real foundation to stand on.

If it were the case that many so called “surefire horse racing systems” would be out there, rest assured the majority of race tracks in the UK and elsewhere would already have shut down many years ago.

Those who want to make horse racing into a serious business definitely have to look deeper if you want to get racing tips that are actually worth their money.

Horse-Racing-LargeI came across one interesting website which is owned by a guy who calls himself the UK’s “Horse Racing Pro”.

Among the many snake-oil systems I came across, this website to me looked rather different and I had the impression that the guy who owns it really knows what he’s talking about.

According to his bio, Bob Rothman, the owner of the site has 20 years of experience in UK horse racing. This is how he developed his own system which turned out to be extremely effective. His luck however didn’t last too long since he started to get banned by most book keepers because of his constant winnings.

What he does now is that he provides his very good very good horse racing tips via his website by ways of subscription for a low fee. For horse racing enthusiasts in the UK this means that they now can take advantage of professional tips and advice without having to spend an unreasonable amount of time and effort to study horses and jockeys.

I can definitely recommend the Horse Racing Pro site if you’re into horse racing as much as I am! I dont think you can get more solid betting tips that do work today.