Jul 02

The UK’s Best Singing Waiters

The UK’s best Singing Waiters are The Secret Singers! If you have seen the singing waiters already then you will know why. But if you haven’t, let me explain!

If you book the Singing Waiters from the Secret Singers, you won’t just get some average club singers as you would likely end up with any other singing waiters out there. This doesn’t mean that club singers are necessarily bad, but in my opinion this is always a hit and miss with those companies how good they are. Some can be pretty good but there are also some really awful performers out there.

singing-waiters-super-heros-2With the singing waiters from the secret singers you won’t have this problem because they’re all West End Theatre trained! In other words, they are professionals. This makes the singing waiters great for all types of events, even high-class corporate events or weddings where you really want to make an impression with your guests!

But the singing waiters cannot only do their highly popular classic singing waiters performance. They can also come to your event dressed up as security guards, chefs, construction workers and much more.

They are surprised show lasts about 30 minutes but you can also book them for the entire day if you want. They can do live shows and can do anything else you have in mind for your party’s or events musical entertainment.

With the singing waiters you won’t have to worry about any equipment because they will bring everything with them. They can come to any place in the United Kingdom and even had some performances in Asia. So you don’t necessarily have to live in London if you want to book the Singing Waiters!